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Bladder Management - the 4th Discipline?

Competing in the London 2013 I had to leave T3 and run across the exhibition hall, through the cafe area, down the stairs and then all the way back again, just to have a toilet stop - making me feel more relaxed going into the run but costing me about 6 minutes on top of my all ready average race time.  

Is it just me... or is bladder management in triathlon an unwelcome distraction for others as well?! 

Thoughts on toilet locations and tips welcome on this one as it's interfered with every race I have entered!



  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Empty your bladder before getting out of the open water swim,

    Learn to pee on the bike.


    6 minutes free speed.

  • Thanks - So brazen on-bike urination is absolutely fine, even on a nice sunny day?

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Yes you just need to squirt water from your water bottle down your leg after to clean up , on a sunny day you will be clean and dry in a few minutes ,job done.

    For Olympic distance race if you empty your bladder before getting out of swim you shouldn't need to pee on bike.
  • aanj74aanj74 Posts: 15

    Agree with the above, do it on the swim. Never done on the bike, I have electrolytes on the bike so I'd just end up sticky. 

    Always have the pre race toilet stop and if needs be do it on the swim, you'll recognise those just before the start who are doing it lol. (open water of course)

    Read Martin Brunts column, it hilarious, can't remember what edition but he talks about this.



  • Yep I agree. Defo during the swim and on the bike (I found this took some concentration the first time) and I'm usually at it on the run too!

    Always do it during the swim but only on bike and run on events longer than an Olympic.





  • I reckon it's the last km on the bike that will see me through the run, then start working on my pre-race hydration!  Cheers all for now but any further thoughts welcome!

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