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labour shortage dale wright

i agree totally with dale wright in feb issue, i run a restaurant, 5 am starts, 11pm finish, split shifts, find motivation a little issue amidst busy times, the only way around it is to have cut off times for work/breaks and look at training as a weekly cumulative total and not daily achievement.  it sounds rosetinted but enforcing a break into my day makes me a better worker but there is never a correct time to stop!


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Thanks Peter, great to hear you find time to train despite those challenging hours!

  • Interesting one this - and the letter generated quite a big response to the mag.

    I've been thinking about this myself as over xmas I was renovating a house, doing 10+ hours a day of DIY (instead of sitting behind a desk at 220 Towers!) as well as trying to keep some kind of daily training going. The verdict? I was bloomin' knackered and my run times especially really suffered!

    I'm wondering whether there's an element of conditioning here - ie do something for long enough and you'll get used to it, in other words build up your tolerance?

    I still hate stripping wallpaper though...

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