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Talkback: Yorkshire: best for bike training?

Of course Yorkshire is best! Well, I am a proud Yorkshireman.

Seriously, though, we have everything you could want. Rolling countryside, in the Dales and on the Moors. Fast flats in the Vales. Proper steep hills, Rosedale Chimney, Blakey Bank to name but two. We also have the longest hill in England, Cragg Vale near Mytholmroyd, at 8km of continuous ascent.

Also, remember that in the 2012 Olympics, if Yorkshire was a country, we would have come 9th (or 11th, I can't recall) in the medal table. That has to account for something!

So, come and visit when the TdF starts and see for yourself how good Yorkshire really is.


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Wow that's a very impressive Olympics stat!

    Can't wait for the TdF to start, we're getting very excited at 220 Towers..

    Jamie Beach, Digital Editor – 220 Triathlon

  • I thought I'd cycled pretty much the whole of Yorkshire over the years, but I cannot for the life of me work out where the head line picture is taken. Can you let me know as it looks like a tough old bike climb to get an amazing view?

    And I agree the TDY is going to be amazing I’m going to drive the route this weekend in prep for biking it in about 5 weeks’ time.
  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    The photo is from Sutton Bank, where the Yorkshire Gliding Club is based:


  • I stand corrected I have been up there.  I think that my eyes had popped out of my head by the time I had got up the 25% climb, so I don't remember the view.  Thank you for getting back to me I might have to drive up to try and get that view.

  • I've driven up Sutton Bank loads of times, never tried cycling it though, Big respect to you John!

    Harrogate's my home town, so I'll def be up there for the TdeF. Can't wait!

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