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Wetsuits for strong swimmers

I'm looking for a wetsuit to suit a strong swimmer (100m - 58s, 3.8km - 47mins) over a variety of triathlon distances. Excluding the Freak of Nature and if we disregard that the 'best fit is best'. Does anyone have any opinions on each of the brands top end suits? 
Speedo - Super elite (I can't find anything about this online, however intrigued by catch panels) 
Blueseventy - helix 
2XU - X:3 
Huub - Archimedes 4:4 
Orca - Predator RS1 

Thanks in advance for your advice.


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi there,

    The Brownlee brothers favour the Huub Archimedes, which got a very strong 91% review in last year's wetsuits roundup (issue 286).

    It was the Mako Extreme (£479) which got the highest score overall though, with our tester saying it has "incredible flexibility in the shoulders and arms".

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to go for!

    Jamie Beach, Digital Editor – 220 Triathlon

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Huub are great - though I have heard mixed reviews (down to the individual I suppose).

    I have a Zone3 Vanquish.  Love it.  Though I know others who didn't like it as there's very little buoyancy (again, down to preference).  What I am trying to say is that you need to try them all out yourself if you can (there are some stores that have endless pools that you can try them out before you buy), as reviews will be helpful but in the end individual preference for a high end swimmer such as yourself will be key.

  • seriously is that right about the Vanquish...I just bought one, haven't used it yet but I heard the opposite about buoyancy!!

  • Hi, 

    Try both the Orca 1.5 Alpha and RS1 Predator, they are designed with flexibility, speed and a little bit of buoyancy. The RS1 is more flexible through the core to allow for better rotation, as well being a fraction lighter. 

    Good Luck, 

    Ian (Orca)


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    roberto acko wrote (see)

    seriously is that right about the Vanquish...I just bought one, haven't used it yet but I heard the opposite about buoyancy!!

    Hi Roberto

    Reviews talk about the Vanquish having "Buoyancy carefully balanced through the suit to ensure the optimum streamlined swimming position and maximum efficiency through the stroke." However, it isn't a beginners wetsuit and is balanced yes, but wont bring your legs up for you if you have sinky legs.

    I can't emphasise enough the "try before you buy" when it comes to wetsuits.  If you are a good swimmer though, you will love this wetsuit.  Have fun!

  • I'm not, I'm a sh1t swimmer so I need the buoyancy!!  Funny, the reviews I read said different though...this was triradar in response to a question about needing lots of buoyancy "Hi javanto, we'd recommend something with plenty of buoyancy like the TYR, Zone3 Vanquish or Xterra. 2XU have tons of buoyancy too, but tend to be a little more restrictive on the shoulders, so size appropriately!"

    Guess I'll just have to try it out and if you're right it's going on ebay...thankfully I got a good deal as end of season (2013)purchase....or I could wear my zone3 buoyancy shorts underneath it!!

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    You never know, you might get on with it.. as a beginner / not great swimmer though I would have suggested the Zone3 Aspire to be a better one to get...Ah well.  Hope it works out for you

  • straight from the horses mouth, I emailed the zone3 boys...reply as follows;

    In terms of buoyancy of our 2013 wetsuits the Vanquish is the most buoyant wetsuit in the leg area due to its use of Aerodome neoprene which is 30% more buoyant than the 5mm Neoprene used in the Aspire.  You then have the Vision suit followed by the Advance.

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Then I guess the technology is doing it's job.  I don't feel overly buoyant in this wetsuit as I have in other wetsuits that I have tried/used in the past.

    Hope it works equally well for you Roberto.

  • Hi, 

    I bought the Huub Archimedes last year for a series of open water events last year at Salford Quays and was absolutely flawless. I swam the 5k in just over one hour so time wise I would be pretty similar to you. 

    I would advise though that you watch out for any new models as I heard they are bringing a new range out, wouldn't want to be spending around £500 on an older model wetsuit. 

  • The Brownlees get paid to wear the huub, previously they were paid to wear Blue Seventy or 2XU. Javier Gomez was paid to wear Zoot, Now Roka....does that make them better? Daft comment in my opinion.

    If you are a strong swimmer get to a shop that has an endless pool (or is getting one very soon...!) and try some top end suits from a few brands. Ive got the Predator RS1 from Orca, Im roughly a 56 minute ironman distance swimmer and I love the suit - it is like I have nothing on my chest and shoulders, it is incredible but it fits me very well which is key.

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