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Talkback: Craig Alexander planning Kona comeback?

Sorry don't think he will be able to win one more time.

But do I believe he will make a top 20 place


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Thanks for the comment Tri Fly, looking forward to seeing how this develops! Would be a great story if he makes the podium.

  • Not sure about the study stats, given that the statistic is heavily reliant on the same people winning numerous times. i.e Mark Allen and Dave Scott were obviously older every time they subsequently won it (6 each),as were Crowie and Macca (there's another 5). Throw into the mix Chrissie's 4,Newby-Frasers 8, Badmanns 6 and you have 35 of 40 'titles'. So not exactly a surprise that the average age has increased.
  • I agree: many studies don't really "surprise" but to actually see the trend takes every day "logic" and actually proves this to be the case.

    Ironman, rather than just being about those who start as Iron-people and carry on throughout their career is becoming the final career path of many Olympic Distance racers (Mark Allen won his first Kona the same year he became the first ITU World OD Champion in Avignon). So many of the OD speedsters of right now have 10+ years at Ironman ahead of them.

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