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Compression wear?

What are the pros and cons of compression wear? Considering getting some shorts and a top to wear in training and races to help with the aches and pains but unsure if they are worth the 60 quid or more? 

Anyone of you guys use any? Any tips on type (full length/shorts, long/short sleeved) or brands? And lastly can anyone report any noticeable effect of wearing it?

I'm quite new to tri and running in general so any hints and tips are welcome.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Lots of inconclusive research but the research that looks at actual race type performance shows there are better ways to recover than using compression gear (recovery being one of the main touted benefits). Joe Friel regularly reviews the research on his blog so Google it and have a look.

    Pros; if you feel better and more confident wearing it then good, makes lots of money for manufacturers and retailers, may work for you, generally not harmful

    Cons; emperors new clothes syndrome, may not work for your, takes money out of your pocket, may distract you from doing other things with your time/money that may actually be beneficial


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I wear compression socks/ calf guards for racing, pretty sure they don't make any physical difference but psychologically they make a big difference, I feel positive and confident that I can push to my limits more so than when not wearing compression so to me that has got to be an advantage.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I don't wear compression dock or calf guards for pool tris as they are banned in the swim and it's not worth the lost time faffing about in T1 trying to put them on, but I only do the odd pool tri each season , mainly open water events.
  • i always wear leggings  for training, and cold weather compression tops i think it does help. I have worn the expensive type and the cheaper ones , my new set is from lidl and to be brutally honest i cant tell the difference , except the price.

  • Thanks for the input guys, looks like you saved me a heap of cash that's going straight into the new bike pot, because I'm sure a new bike will make me faster. 

  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    No Paul.  Smart training will make you faster

  • Actually Gavinp a new bike will make me faster as I only have a mountain bike at the moment.

    Smart training the rest of the way though. 

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