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Big Cow Sprint Triathlon

Hi, was wondering if anyone could tell me what the Big Cow Sprint Triathlon at Emberton Country Park is like. Is the cycle hilly? Is the run flat?

Any replies would be much appreciated! 


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    sorry.. this is a rather late response... rubbishme.

    i did the big cow sprint about 5 years ago and can just about remember it! my recollection is that the swim was fairly straightforward, some people even swanning about on the bank waiting for the off.

    the bike was more undulating than flat (i don't think there's much round there that is proper hilly) - a couple of longish drags but nothing that made me think i'd wish i'd brought a 28 rear sprocket. one thing i do remember is the traffic - it was a bit busy and once or twice it stacked up a bit as cars struggled to overtake cyclists. 

    the run is round the lake and i'd say flat as a flat thing that's been ironed. there are a couple of traffic calming speedbumps if you are desperate for elevation. 

    i really enjoyed it, and wish i'd gone back sooner for the cowman a while ago. 

  • Thank's a lot!

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