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Newbie Triathlete & Cycle to Work Scheme


I have just started training for my first triathlon and am looking at getting a bike through my organisations cycle to work scheme. I can't afford to spend a lot (under £500) as I have a young family, so my choice of bike is between the Scott Speedster 60 Compact 2014 or the Giant Defy 5 2013. I know I'll need to possibly try them out and get measured for frame size etc, but what is everyones opinion of the 2 bikes. On paper which is the better value for money?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    on paper, the giant, marginally. this is assuming the alu frame/forks they both have and the wheels are of a similar quality and weight. the reason why i think it is the giant is that it has the shimano 2300 8spd shifters rather than the 7spd on the scott.

    you are right, though, ride them, get someone to watch you and be prepared to spend some time making sure you pick the one that feels right for your riding style. 

    and if it is the scott then i don't think you'll be so badly off, to be honest. they make good frames, and the rest is just there for the upgrade potential 

  • Thanks for the reply. I actually ended up with the Giant Defy 4 - as for mere pence per month on the cycle to work scheme its got carbon forks and slightly better components.

    I've taken it on its maiden ride and I'm really pleased with it. Just need to build up the old confidence on it now as I've not been on a bike in over 10 years!

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    excellent! i hope you enjoy many happy miles on it.

    are you planning and tri's/dua's or is it slowly slowly catchy multisport?

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