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Dave Scott conflicting comments.

I was reading the article on page 26 about Dave Scott. He said "racing is pretty darn expensive" which is very true, especially since the Olympics but later on in the set of questions put to him when asked if he would race in Kona he answered "Yeah, if someone paid me alot of money".  he is 60 now, but it would be good to see him race there again but he has enough money to enter like the rest of us hard working real triathletes. If he loved the sport that much then he should put back and pay to enter. Shame on you Dave Scott. 



  • Hi Karl

    Thanks for the message. Completely agree with Dave about the sport being "pretty darn expensive" but there was an element of tongue being in cheek when Dave said he'd go back to Kona if "someone paid him a lot of money!", hence the explanation mark.

    But if he did go back to Kona it'd be a huge draw for Ironman Hawaii worldwide so why shouldn't he get paid? Do you not think he's earnt it after his six World titles and incredible contribution to tri for the last 30+ years?

  • Yeah, I think I did miss read it.

    I suppose there is an element just lately of celebs getting to Kona and it gets tiring when myself and others only can dream of it. Let's hope that triathlon doesn't get more expensive. Thanks for your input.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    When I first got hooked on triathlon back in the 80's Dave Scott was to triathlon then as what the brownlee's are to triathlon today, he must have influenced and inspired thousands of triathletes over the years so I think he has more than paid his dues.

    I personally don't have a problem with him being paid loads of dish to be on the start line, I would feel very privileged to be on any start line with "the man"
  • I think it was a joke!

  • Yeah. I know now.

    I hope some big names would race in UK one day. 

  • He raises an excellent issue though,just  how expensive triathlon is. Let's be honest it's become a very middle class sport at both junior and senior level. Several hundred pound entry fees, bikes costing thousands etc. The tri media could help by promoting & reporting on club events more instead of Ironman this and Ironman that. BTF should be doing more by introducing value for money into their criteria for awarding championship events & world qualifiers etc.

  • Good point Adrian - I think there could be a feature idea in this!

    Which local/low cost triathlons have people enjoyed recently? Get those recommendations coming...

  • The problem then comes when you tell everyone about the local gems of races you love, then they get so popular that the prices go up and they sell out far too early. I can only ever do a handful of races a year due to cost.
  • It's even harder when races (NOT naming any... Vachery) are cancelled and you loose over a hundred pounds

  • Its an interesting point and the globilisation of the sport certainly hasn't reduced costs. These days I'd always chose Challenge over IronMan - better value for money, much better athlete support and race atmosphere (but I'm never going to qualify for Kona....). The local races, often run by the local clubs offer the best value for money but do require club members to sacrifice their own races to run the event. Our club event is becoming ever more popular and has recently been recognised as one of the best events in Australia. http://karrivalleytriathlon.com/

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Back in 1998 I was on the organising committee of our local sprint triathlon in conjunction with the local council, entry fee for local residents and BTA members was a pricey £7.50.

    I can well remember (although I didn't participate) the first UK ironman distance triathlon organised by 220 Mag, entry fee for 220 mag subscribers a whopping £2.20.

    Those were the days.

    Anyway back to the OP about Dave Scott, if anybody is interested Dave Scott will be visiting TFN  Nottingham Shop Monday 3rd March 6pm-8:30pm

  • Hey all,

    On the subject of Dave Scott - we're doing a live video Q&A with him on this website, tonight at 7:30pm. So you can ask him in person whether he'll ever be tempted by Kona again!

    In all seriousness, worth tuning in if you can. I chatted to Dave over Skype last week and he's a great bloke, with plenty of tips and stories to tell.

  • Good chance to advertise our own events!! Ullswater Triathlon, just ??42 with bespoke medal, chip timing, food and big race atmosphere. Although commercial our aim is value for money. www.sportinaction.co.uk
  • If you didn't make Helens live web chat you can catch Dave Scott in person at TFN in Nottingham tonight between 6pm and 8:30pm! 






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