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Interval Track Training

For the past 4 weeks i've been going to a local track and running with a club doing interval training - i run in a group and i;ve never run so fast and so hard!  The intervals are tough but at the end its a great session and obviously has lots of benefits - the problem is that for a day or two after, i feel tired and lethargic - which impacts my other training sessions.

I've only been doing this type of training a short while and maybe given a bit more time, i wont feel this so much.  Any thoughts on this?  I know this is supposed to be a great way of improving speed and fitness.




  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Track sessions can be a great way to boost fitness. Accurately measured distances allows accurate and consistent pacing. Pacing is dependent on your own abilities and potentials.

    If you simply joined in an existing group and did their sessions its not surprising that you feel tired for a few days afterwards as it's best to build volume slowly to allow the body to adapt to the new training stress. This would minimise the impact on other sessions. Significant changes in training volume or intensity can easily lead to injury. The actual impact probably lasts longer than you think.

    You could say there are 4 run training intensities (basic speed/skills, VO2 max, lactate threshold and endurance). Most triathletes race at consistent pace at top end aerobic/ lactate threshold intensity. As your priority A race approaches (over say 16 weeks) lactate threshold sessions become the most important (moving from priority 2 to priority 1 for both sprint & standard through the 16 weeks) with VO2 max's importance depending on race length (priority 3 to priority 2 for sprint & 3 for standard). Endurance starts out the most important but becomes less so (priority 1 to 3 for sprint and 2 for standard).Speed skills remain as they are throughout (priority 4 for both)




  • Thank you HarryD thats very helpful and informative and yes, i did just join the group - i was towards the back when i started, holding on and have improved a bit - just suprised how much it has taken out of me.  Feel ok the next day and energised, but its the usual following day!

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