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Talkback: Vachery organisers clarify reasons for cancelling

Any cancellation of such an event is bad for all those wanting to compete. I find it difficult enough to find local triathlons that I can fit my life around, and for a lot of local people, cancelling these events is very annoying for the time and effort they have put in to look forward to one particular day they may get to race from an entire year.

Too much red tape, the organisers have enough work to overcome as it is, sporting events should be easier to access with less hassle, not the opposite.


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    You're right, this will be a disaster for many athletes. In fact, we just spoke to the organisers on the phone, who told us that nearly half of entrants come from the local area. There could be big implications for the future of cycling events in the region too, with organisers possibly shying away from launching new ones due to precedents such as this.

  • Cycling in the future is of course important. However I think it is inexcusable to have a dialogue about club entries and receive entry fees days before announcing the cancellation. Highway for cycling? No - highway robbery.
  • As a local (Capel) and a competitor in both events last year I'm obviously disappointed but not surprised.

    This part of Surrey is one of the most vocal NIMBY regions in the country, and also the most intolerant areas I have ever lived in.

    I experienced first hand the lunatic motorists almost knocking competitors off the road during the event. I ride this area most weeks and the motorists around here are getting worse.

    In light of this and the fact that the race cannot be done on closed roads means that it probably makes sense to cancel - which is a real shame as both events were awesome
  • Has anyone recieved there money back? I asked for my entry fee back straight away and had no resonse. It is not really the money but more the point of it. I really dont under stand why the company folded after the rumer of the councils dicision. I have read in 220 mag that the council have no record of a application for road closures for the event. Why could they not refund all of  the entry fees and where has all the entry money gone.??  If i didnt know better it looks like a scam to rob competitor of there hard earned money.Does anyone know where Mark Davis of Bravevents lives as I will pop in and see if he has a new car on  the drive

  • Doesn't really help those people who entered the Vachery Triathlon!  

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