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Talkback: 220 rallies for racers after Vachery, Xterra cancellation

This is a good start but not many options for us mere mortals wanting to do a standard distance. This was going to be my move up triathlon from sprint. To be honest, I would just quite like my money back!


  • I completely agree with you Beth. Why can't we just get our money back? Brave Events must have made a bit of a packet, considering the middle distance cost £130 to enter. It is almost like a rogue trader in my opinion.
  • What happens if all the race organisers start cancelling their events? Everyone will loose hundreds of pounds. Surely there must be some kind of "insurance" against this?

  • Hi Beth. I appreciate your position and it's not one I'd argue with. The piece above is written entirely independently of Brave Events. I'm not a race organiser, I'm a journalist, and my aim was to try and provide some assistance to people looking for alternatives. Of course, it relies purely on the goodwill of other organisers. In terms of short course racing, nice-tri.co.uk have Super Sprint through to Standard in St Neots in May, June and August, Tri for Love runs in Leatherhead in June, Steelman and Stowe triathlons in July, Stowe in north Bucks in July and triathletes entering the competitions for Blenheim and London will have fair chance of success given it's restricted to those with Vachary/XTERRA proof of purchase. If more race organisers would like to come on-board we will keep the page open for offers.
  • BethBeth Posts: 3
    Thanks Tim- I can see how that came across as me being annoyed with the article- of which I wasn't, just frustrated at the situation. It's not the cheapest hobby at the best of times! Thanks very much for highlighting some other options for standards. I've been sat with the 2014 events guide for the last hour and finding many things sold out, so I'll take a look at your recommendations. Keep us posted for more! Cheers
  • Why can't they pay the money back to those who entered or at least a portion of it if some has already been utilised? Simple question really, sounds like this runs deeper than it should - someone at some level must have insurance cover of some description? Maybe the council should cough up? This will have a knock-on effect for a lot of triathletes - trust has been seriously compromised here. It is an expensive sport and a few of us can only get to do maybe only one event a year and if this was yours, its ruined and it leaves a sour taste...
  • Lots of questions. Has 220 asked why refunds were not offered? Why could the company not suspend entries whilst they worked through the road closure application process, only cancelling if the application was refused? Why cancel Xterra, surely it doesn't go anywhere near a public highway?

    I'm part of a small company organising swim, bike and run events. We don't spend entry fees until after the event & we have a generous refund policy in the event of withdrawl etc. As organisers we must look after entrants and provide value for money.

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Adrian,

    Yes we are following up on the refunds situation – will announce on the website as soon as we have any new information...

  • Guys, just so you know, Go Beyond Sport will give any Xterra Competitor a 15% discount on the entrance fee to their Mud & Mayhem X Duathalon on March 16th. (This race is also doubling as the Triathlon England Eastern Region X Championships.) Just e-mail us at [email protected]

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