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Live Q&A with Martyn Brunt

220's Weekend Warrior Martyn Brunt is taking part in a live Q&A right here at midday on Monday 17th February, so send in your questions for him!

Was he really part of a knife-throwing act in a Hungarian circus? What races will he be doing this year? And what happened to that glorious mullet? He can answer all these questions and more...

Martyn will be speaking at the Triathlon Show, taking place at Sandown Park in Surrey from 28 Feb to 2 March. More details at www.triathlonshow.co.uk.


  • Hello Jamie

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Martyn, thanks for taking part in this live Q&A! How's your pre-season training going at the moment?

  • Its progressing in its usual splendidly haphazard fashion thanks. 75 miles on the bike yesterday with a the last hour my fastest might suggest strength and fitness, but is actually down to the fact that this was the only part of the ride where I didn't have a bloody head wind to grovel into. This morning's breakfast og Greek yoghurt has also done nothing to improve my mood...

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Yowsers, the new diet regime for Ironman Lanzarote still not agreeing with you then? (Martyn reveals in the latest issue of 220 that he's now on a low-carb, high good fat, high protein diet)

  • Its probably doing me some physical good and I've definitely lost a bit of fat, but its scarring me for life mentally. I'm a big fan of beige-coloured food which seems to be strictly off limits, plus all fast food outlets are out of bounds which is a shame because I live in Coventry and frankly there's nothing else here. I was out with some mates from my running club at the weekend and at chucking out time they all joyously ate kebabs right in front of me while I abstained. There's willpower for you.

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Ha ha beige-coloured food now you mention it the best things to scoff do tend to be that colour.. 

    What other privations is your coach David Watson inflicting on you ahead of Ironman Lanzarote? No TV?

  • While not explicitly banning it, Dave's plan leaves little time for me to watch much telly because I'm either training, slumped in a shower, or curled up in a ball wheezing like Darth Vader after 20 Benson and Hedges. I have made time for the Winter Olympics though because there's nothing like watching a bunch of finely honed athletes fall over to make yourself feel good. I'm being harsh on Dav, he's a really good coach, its me that's the problem because left to my own devices I'd happily live on a diet of pork pies and John Smiths Bitter - I know this because I used to!

  • Afternoon Martin!

    What would you class as your best result ever? Both in tri and in single sports, too...

  • Hi Mike. Its a toss up between:

    - 2.54 marathon at Abingdon in 2012

    - 10.20 Ironman at the Outlaw 2010

    - Convincing my wife that I only paid £150 for my Kuota TT bike (you can add a 0 on to that for what I actually paid it. I'd just been made redundant so I decided I deserved a toy, but given we were unsure whether we would be able to pay the mortgage that month she'd have gone mental if she'd found out.)

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Were you impressed by Davina McCall running/cycling/swimming from Edinburgh to London last week?  

    Do you think she should have taken on that swim in Lake Windermere, or was that just a silly idea?

  • I wouldn't have done that swim. Every time I do an open water swim my genitals shrivel to insignificance so there's no way I'd have done something like that with TV cameras there to record it.

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    She's a brave woman, though perhaps not for the reasons you mention!

    Finally, are you looking forward to the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park in Surrey at the end of this month?

  • Yes, I've never been before although my friend Neill, with whom I am attending, goes every year and always spends a fortune on stuff he's too crap to use to its full potential. Whenever I attend any work conventions I always spend time cramming as many freebies into plastic bags as I can and hanging around the stands that use models to promote their wares, and I expect this will be no different.

  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Great stuff, exhibitors at the Triathlon Show you now know what is required of you!

    Thanks for your time today Martyn, see you at Sandown Park in a couple of weeks. We can compare freebie swag!

  • Yes indeed, I'm aiming for a new PB in secreting free energy gels and drinks powders about my person. See you there.


  • Damn you Brunty, you got me again.

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