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Hi guys,

I swam some open water races last year (3.8 / 5k) and am hoping to step it up this year to the big boy events with my first 10k and 15k races held at Salford Quays. In my previous races I hadn't bothered taking in any liquids or anything during the races but feel that I will have to for the longer events. Each lap is a 1k distance back to the feeding station and was wondering if anyone had any past experience/ advice on nutrition during the longer races.

Bearing in mind I am very competitive so wouldn't stop for a flapjack picnic every other lap, but what's the best tactics and strategy to staying hydrated and energised for these longer events. Any advice/ tips welcomed, thanks.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    little and often... you might not even need to stop every lap, depending on what your 1km time and effort is like. something to try in the pool/lake if you can to find out what you need in terms of regular energy top-ups.

    i did the 14km bridge to bridge a couple of years ago and the stops were 50mins/40mins apart, with water/energy drink and chopped up bananas/boost and mars bars (halves i think). i usually took a small mouthful of water and one of the banana/chocolate at each stop, which seemed to work ok for me.

    you can always tuck an emergency gel or two up the wetsuit sleeve in case your strategy goes horribly wrong, although worth practicing it so you aren't irritated by the gel packet on the forearm. 

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