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Weak Knee!

Not sure if anyone could shed any light, not ran for over a week, only swam on a Thursday and then, after crouching talking to my daughter, I got up and now I have a weak / sore knee! - Just thought it was as I was crouched for a while then it would go away, but to no avail!  The strange thing is that it only aches/hurts in one specific position, that is when I bend it as if going up stairs, and put force through it - feels completely strength-less until past this 90 degree point, been 5 days now and its not any better or worse, has anyone else had such a strange issue?


Hope someone can sympathise!  I really don't want to be resting for weeks to see if it gets better!


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Prof, off to the physio for you!

    If after 5 days it's not better then it's unlikely to improve permanently. A good physio will also look at muscle weaknesses/imbalances elsewhere for a long term resolution.


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