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Looking for Investment for New Tri Business

Hi All,

I'm looking for a person or persons with an interest in Triathlon to invest in a new eCommerce / retail business. I thought I would put up an appeal here first rather than going through the usual finance channels because I would like to have an investor or investors who have a passion for triathlon.

The business is in the early stages - I have had a website developed and currently stock nutrition products and some accessories. Presently I am in the process of finding commercial premises and getting supplier agreements in place with the bike/wetsuit/trainer/component manufacturers and distributors. The business is based in the South of England. 

Essentially I'm looking for a working capital injection to grow the business of around £15-20k either on an equity or income basis. 

If you like to know more please PM me. And before anybody asks, no, there isn't a dead Nigerian finance minister involved!





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