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shin splints

pretty convinced i have developed/acquired shin splints. my left shin/front of calf is somwhat sore, even though my last run was a few days ago. i think i've had the issue for a while as well, so there is that risk of it turning into something nastier like a stress fracture... yay me.

this is all self diagnosis, by typing in my injury symptoms into the internet and discounting all the ones that say i have a brain tumour (page 3 or 4 i think it was).

i could do a sensible thing and see a physio, or i could take the advice of people i don't know on the internet. what i want are some exercises, a likely rehab period and some idea of when i can get back regular running again. ideally next week sometime (just kidding).

heel raises... stretches... mobilisation and stablisation exercises... drinking wine... i'll try anything. 


  • I'd say you definitely need to get it looked at by a physio if it's been ongoing for a little while and the usual stretching/icing/resting isn't helping.

    I've had stress fractures in the past and they weren't pretty! The main sign when I had mine was a localised area/lump on each shin that was extremely painful to touch (a guy on the train once bashed one of mine with a briefcase and I nearly went through the roof - he learnt a few new words!) and which ache while running without easing off. If this sounds like what you have, you absolutely have to have a break from running and rest until you recover.

    Best advice I'd give for shin splints if they haven't gone as far as stress fractures would be:

    • Calf exercises (toes on a step and raise up and down)
    • Massage tight calf and shin muscles
    • Ice
    • New running shoes if yours are worn?
    • Avoid hard surfaces for a while if possible/vary running surfaces

    Good luck, hope this helps. If not, go ahead with the wine....

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    physio booked, recovery shiraz prepared...

    i wonder how close to a stress fracture this is... no pain when pressing the shin bone but it has taken a long time for the area to feel less sore when walking up/down stairs. might be my calves need a bit of untightening and some exercises to try and prevent it getting so bad further down the line.

    i'll try some more the heel raises, and maybe roll my calves in the meantime (not got a foam roller, use rolling pin. oucheroo) 

  • Good for you! (On the physio and the wine!)

    Fingers crossed you're easily fixed. It doesn't sound to me like you have stress fractures, but best to get an expert to check you out properly.

    Rolling pin though....?! Ouch!

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    physio says i'm a wonky donkey. probably got a leg length discrepancy that means by rights i should be running in circles.

    got some stretches to do and go back in a couple of weeks to see how it is doing. 

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    its your glutes.


  • Glad to hear it was wonkiness and not a stress fracture. Stick with the stretches (and the Shiraz) and you'll soon be right!

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    shadowone1 wrote (see)

    its your glutes.


    dangerously close to the truth. apparently my wonky donkey legs can be controlled with less pathetic glutes. i'm back doing the same stretches that i first learned for ITB issues about 6 years ago! plus ca change.

    naturally, i was told have overly tight calves and my right IT band is like a piano wire, but then i'm a triaferleet and that comes with the territory. 

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