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New Product to Market Triathlonbox

So as a little bit of back ground I’ve been spending all my free time since completing Ironman Austria last year to develop a product that should make triathlon preparation a litter easier on race day.  I have got the patent application submitted so I really would like you honest opinion on the product prototype so that I can improve it before coming to market over the next few months.




The website is www.triathlonbox.co.uk and I have updated it over the last day or so with pictures of the product.  If you could take a minute to have a look and let me know what you think please.  I will be updating the site with a short video this weekend all being well.



The more honest the better as I have had some strong opinions on other streams that really have helped.

Thank you
JP Ashton


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    off the top of my head the main questions i would have are about protecting the frame from the box (i can see what i presume to be some foam inserts in the recess), and how well the box is likely to be accepted in transition. 

    i know you cover the latter in your vid on the site, but it comes across as abstract at the moment. for example - i've been in transitions where alternate-side racking has been done, and i'd have to see your box in relation to the front (and rear if racked in a 'standard' fashion) to check it wasn't fouling other bikes. 

    i might have imagined this as well, but i'm sure i have been at a race where boxes in transition weren't allowed. bags were just about accepted, but a hard box was not. i don't know where it came from if it did happen and i'm not imagining the memory. 

    i'll be honest, it's an interesting idea, and i can see plenty of people who might go for it. personally, i have a tri-bag i bought second hand that does some (not all) of the things yours does. i can't sit on mine, and there isn't a lockable section, for example. but it also makes a handy bag for other things, can be worn on my shoulders when travelling (i've used it on rail and plane tri trips with boxed and unboxed bikes) and means that for small, local, races i can ride to the event.  

    that's my preference, but hopefully you will find plenty of people out there who prefer something more box-like and make your idea a success.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113

    As Ris has said, some races will not allow boxes into transition, or if they are, they are put over to one side. Being hypercritical,and instead of just stating problems, I will try and give solutions,as triathletes we carry a pile of kit around and the size of the box reflects that. It may be too big for some cars, particularly if they have the bike, family etc in the car as well, it is too big to stick in Transition next to the bike, IMHO.


    but, if it was a soft sided bag, similar to panniers, which could be lined with hard plastic to provide stiffness, that would provide a collapsible bag, and the same carrying method, if the inside of the pannier which goes over the frame has a soft material, that will prevent the frame from getting damaged. 

    If boxes are not allowed in transition, I use a waterproof canoe bag which has a clip lock, just clip it over the bike rack and stick the wetsuit in it during T1, use a clip lock on the pannier, and thesame  can be done.

    hope that has helped, not hindered.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i wonder if the length of the box either side of th top tube is what gives it more stability when in use. a soft pannier might not be as stable. i can see why the form adopted is stable and works with a variety of bike shapes and sizes.

    perhaps you could slot the box over the racking rail, and have a handy bike hangar built in. sadly... i suspect the eagle eyed btf ref might not like it!


  • I thank you all for taking the time to give me valuable feedback - It has been into it's first race in Hull and had no problems at all with it being in transition - see photo for it in the transition area.  I take you point on size though and we are working on a solution to the size issue.



    JP Ashton




  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    New British Triathlon rules for 2016 now ban boxes in transition unless provided by the event.

    Boxes in transition – whilst boxes can be used to bring necessary items into the transition area, only a small soft-sided bag or rucksack can remain, unless boxes are provided by the Event Organiser. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that any bag used in transition does not impede other competitors. (Rule 7.1.c)

    Looks like the 10 pence Tesco bag for life is the way to go, saving you £108.90 in the process.

    Happy Training

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