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Hi all, wondered if anyone could shed light.. looking at getting my first tri wetsuit. Like the look of a zone3 venture from wiggle, its a wiggle exclusive, spec looks the same as the advance suit. The zone3 web site doesn't list the venture. It's only ??135 and looks good for it. Any ideas?


  • MulleyMulley Posts: 5

    I have the answer.. if anyone else is interested, basically the same except the material for shoulders, advance is indeed more flexable. I have decided to buy the advance as the extra was less than £10 when I found it with a different shop, (wiggle don't stock the advance)

  • cazwmacazwma Posts: 1

    Hi ,  Thanks for your info . I`ve been looking for my first  tri wetsuit & have also gone for the zone 3 Advance  . Thanks Again 

  • Having seen the advance I would steer clear. Save your money and get a surf suit. Poor quality and very little technology.

  • Just got to a shop who understands the sport rather than a warehouse that doesn't. Since when has wasting £135 on something naff been better value than spending £170 on something good that fits?


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