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I have just had my mountain bike and my road bike stolen form my garage

Please check your security set up and the fine print in your insurance policies.

I am ment to be at the Outlaw Half but as to what im going to do the bike leg on I dont know?



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    andy, that's bloody crap news. i hope your insurance can cover you for some or all of it. 

    if they are then hopefully a nice new bike for the halflaw! if not, do you know anyone who happens to be nearby and own a number of bikes conveniently in your size?

    or is the cyclescheme an option...?

    are ebay/gumtree/local bike stalls/shops worth checking out to see if either bike turns up in some form?

  • Rubbish. Any news yet Andy? Fingers crossed.

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