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Why can I sprint but can't run faster

I'm new to all this ( started training from nothing in Sept) and have sarted to notice a problem with my running I just don't seem to be able to correct. I can't run at a good steady pace but can always sprint to the finish which I think must be inefficient. I race 5k in approx 22:30 mins which inc. a hard 200-300 m sprint to finish . I run 5 X 1k in 3:50 intervals as part of my training. I would like to be able to run say 21 min 5k at a steady pace

Can anyone help with a training plan

I'm 46 no recent running background but was a very fast schoolboy sprinter, perhaps its a mental thing



  • Not sure you have a problem - even some world class marathon runners have something resembling a sprint at the end of a race and wasn't there an epic sprint at the end of an ironman not so long ago? The fact you have a sprint doesn't mean you could have gone faster over the previous 5k, just means you have a sprint! Enjoy it!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    What is it that holds you back from running quicker over each K?

    Have you checked your heart rate whilst running?

    I found awhile ago that I was not that quick but my heart rate was high. Alot of zone 1 and 2 running has brought my heart rate down and uped my fitness and I am now quicker due to my heart being fitter and more efficient!
  • Thanks for the replys,
    I think I do need to run further I only ever run 10k max. I do have a heart monitor but to be honest I find it hard to run at any set rate. Perhaps I need to run with someone more experianced. Ive downloaded a metronome app to see it my cadence is about right.

    Thanks for your help carvegybe, Guy in the run shop also says 'whats your problem you should be greatfull'

    Was never this difficult when I was at school I just biked to the harbour swam over the river and ran to my mates house ever day in the summer and only ate chips!

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