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In at the deep end... Literally!

So I’m a 25 year old ex soldier from up north who moved to London with work and got 'comfortable' in a new job, to shake things up and get back on fitness track I decided to sign up for something fun challenging and ridiculously hard… London Olympic Distance Triathlon (Sub 2.5 Hours)!


So I am relatively fighting fit, gym fit and all round motivational guru so training 5 days a week won’t be a problem and I believe I can crack the triathlon without any major issues. The sub 2.5 hours I guess was me getting slightly carried away but hey nothings impossible right? 


So I have the majority of the gear, also looking at buying wetsuit soon to start open water training in.


Would anyone have any advice, tips, and training tips for me? Anything would be appreciated as the start line is only 16 weeks and 4 days away!






  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Chris thanks for posting, you should definitely check out our intermediate training plan for Olympic-distance here, as well as take a look around our training section where you'll find lots of advice.

    Is there anything in particular you need help with – swimming drills perhaps, or transition tips?


  • Brick sessions are a must, tri bars on the bike will help and try getting in the aero position as much as you can on rides
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    chris - hope you enjoy the challenge!

    what do you think your weaknesses are in terms of the event? 2h 30 is a terrific challenge to have and i'm sure will keep you motivated on the day. if your goal is specific like that (and not just to finish) then you probably need a good idea of how you think you will achieve it. swim/bike/run and transition splits and pacing will be important to you, and knowing the course/arrangement of transition will be a big help. 

    i would suggest you get out in that new wetsuit and get acclimatised to it in advance - you don't want to turn up on the day to any unwanted surprises. 

    there are a lot of simple things you can do/practice. elastic laces for shoes, running without socks (if you plan to do that), riding with aero bars, race belts, using gels and other fueling strategies... 

  • Jo S-DJo S-D Posts: 1

    Hi Chris

    Don't forget to practise using the sports nutrition product in training that you will use in the race to replenish your glycogen stores. The bike is your opportunity. Aim for 60g per hour of carbohydrate from gels or a sports drink. Don't forget to drink water if you are using gels. You can tape gels to the cross bar of your bike.


  • escoesco Posts: 2

    Chris, i am based in central London during weekdays and training for triathlon. I'm not uber fast but have done GB Age Group world and europeans. Why don't you come and join me for some sessions and I can help you work up a training plan to suit your own requirements and get you flying to the max ! Nick

    [email protected]

  • escoesco Posts: 2

    Chris, I am based in London and happy to pass on tips and help work up a training plan to fit your schedule. I'm not uber-fast but have represented GB Age Group at world and euros, and taken alot of good advice along the way so have a bit of an idea as to how to work up from scratch. drop me a mail if interested. Cheers  [email protected]

  • Check out this website for all the info you need. They have a ton of podcasts, videos, and live chats about most everything you can think of in triathlon! Hope it helps!


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