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I'm planning on doing my first long distance tri on 22nd June - The forestman. I've been putting in the miles and have a few specific training milestones left (Fred Whitton Cycle Sportive, Chester half marathon, 5km Great North Swim), however I haven't got any triathlons events booked in (yet).

I've got the option of doing a standard or middle distance on 8th June, it would be the only Tri event I've got before Forestman. Which do people think would stand me in good stead - standard or middle distance? I've only ever previously done Sprint Tri's but have completed half marathons and lots of long distance cycling events. I'd have a 2 week recovery between the events and would take it easy in those weeks (with the exception of the great north swim).



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    what would give you the biggest boost in confidence? personally, if i was in your position i think i'd do neither as it's only 2-weeks out, but try and get a long day training session in earlier (if you've not done them already). if you feel you really want to then make sure the pacing and nutrition is focussed on the forestman.

    the risk is that you are that close to the race you might overdo it. there is nothing that says you have to finish either of them if you don't want to - you could do the middle but bin it halfway through the run. 

    i would really recommend a long day if you can make out of the other events - they gave me a lot of confidence that my pace and nutrition would work on race day.

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