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Would you do an Ironman in a week?

So, I've never done a triathlon before and actually I'm not really going to be doing one yet - just the running part! I've signed up as part of a team doing an ultra-triathlon in a week. We considered splitting distances instead of disciplines but decided against it in the end.

I kind of wanted to get feedback from people about whether doing an Ironman in a week (on your own or in a team) is an event that'd appeal to people? I feel like it's might first toe in the triathlon water but would be really good to hear others opinions.

I am doing it for a charity called Willow and you can find out a bit more here if you're interested: www.willofiron.org 

It kicks off in May and I'm going to starting on 12th (you can pick any week) and running 10km every other day if I can. I'll let you know how I get on but any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Hi Teri,

    Welcome to triathlon (kinda)! It's a crazy world, you'll love it!

    I'm thinking about doing this as well, as it's a good way to get me training for the three disciplines again. My bike training has slipped a bit over winter, so I need to get focussed again!

    With this I think the key is keeping each session to a length that isn't going to exhaust you - and planning each session in a way that means you still feel fresh for the next one. As I'm guessing you'll be working at the same time as completing this, it's important to make it manageable!

    What distances do you run at the moment, as it's just the running you're doing? I'd maybe break it down into 3x shorter runs during the week and one longer one at the weekend when you have more recovery time.

    Good luck!

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