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Cycle shoe injury

Can anybody help 

I get excruciating pain on the balls of my feet just below my little toes when I start the run after T2. I'm not sure if I have my cleats in the right position or my shoes are ill fitting.  I currently have some good insoles within the shoe but they don't seem to offer any protection. Anybody else experienced this or can offer any advice. 




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    is it like a hot-spot? do you get any pain in that area when you run normally (not off a bike)?

    would seem like the shoe/cleat position could be the culprit, can you see if your cleats are aligned to an extreme (all forward/back/foot heel out or in)?

  • Firstly thanks for taking the time and responding. Yes it is a hot spot, don't get the pain after or during the run alone. Only for the first 5-10 mins after coming off the bike and then it goes, but it does reduce me to a limp for that time and slows me down. Cleats are aligned to extreme so I will attempt to move but there is only slight movement available  can it make that much of a difference?  Cheers Ris


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    it might not hurt to see what happens - i've found that small adjustments have been good at easing niggles in my knees and hips.

    do you ever get this feeling after a long ride (either with a brick session, or just walking around after taking the cycling shoes off) ?

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    there is one other thought - how long a ride/run is this happening on? i find that on long rides my feet swell a bit and my normal running shoes end up being a bit on the small side (first middle distance didn't do any favours to my toes!)

  • Thanks again Ris,

    I was quite suprised at how much movement there was on the cleat when i loosend it off, so I have gone for a slight lateral movenet by shifting them off to one side, rather than up or down to see if the pressure subsides. As you quite rightly suspect, this generally tends to happen on long hard rides and is sore when I get into a run after coming off the bike. I will continue to tweak until all the ache's and pain go, if that is at all possible. I am scheduled in for a bike fit tomorrow so, I live in hope. Cheers again


  • Try it without insoles - they allow people to do sport with what is essentially a crutch, this doesn't allow your foot to strengthen and maintain a healthy, fit profile. Insoles mask problems for a short time, they very rarely fix them. 

  • Thanks I'll give it a go.  I did notice a slightly more comfortable fitting when I adjusted the cleats after my last hard ride. I also tested the feel with a thinner sock.  I think removing or using a thinner insole will ease the pressure and increase a less pressured fit. Good riding  Michael

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