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race day nutrition

Hi would like some help, I seem to have developed a thing against solid food well my body has if I take solid food on board I get a stitch quite bad, enough to have to stop and do my best to get rid of it. This is most annoying there doesnt seem to be any reason for it I haven't changed my diet or routine at all so anybody can help with this ie liquid foods I could take on board would be a great help I have been told to try complain any body tried this or similar any help would be great thanks Simon


  • trisi41trisi41 Posts: 4
    Sorry it was meant to say complan. ! !
  • ris - you might need to post again, afraid we're having some trouble with messages sent from mobile devices not appearing. Don't worry, we're on it...

    tris41 - what were you fuelling with before the problems started? I'm guessing the problems occur just during racing and not at other times (in which case a trip to the doc might be in order!). In which case and depending on which distance you're aiming for I'd suggest experimenting with gels. It can sometimes take a few trial and error attempts to find one that works for you, and as a rule I'd avoid caffeine if you have tummy trouble!

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i'm not sure the empty post isn't more erudite and helpful...

    i think what i wrote was to try and work out whether the cramps/stitches always occur in the same stages of the race (s/b/r), in the same places, and whether you can replicate them in training.

    i used to have an annoyingly consistent stomach cramp/stitch issue in races, particularly over olympic distance. i steadily worked my way through a variety of different gels and bars (turns out i am better on isogels - high5 or powergel), and at different times in races.

    i also think i got better at training at higher intensity, meaning that my body got used to it. i still know when i've pushed it in a training session because my stomach gets sore and my appetite disappears! 

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