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Pain on the turbo

I get a numbing pain in the perineum when riding either the turbo or the rollers.

However when riding the same bike on the road there are no such problems even on 6hr rides.

I can put up with this for an hour or so at the most. It has ceased to be such a problem of late as the roads are drying, temperatures rising and more sun is shining.

My worry is that come next winter when I put in some miles in the shed it will return and limit my training possibilities. I am currently prepared to limit my indoor bike sessions but the aim of this post is to look for tips or share experiences.

Things I tired with very limited success included;
1. adjusting position and tilt of saddle.
2. raising, lowering, leveling the bike position by propping up the trainers.
3. picking workouts which involve some - more than normal standing drills.
4. wearing my high quality bibs instead of training shorts (lower quality cycling shorts)
5. moving the tv screen lower and not watch it altogether.

Things that have worked include;
1. mountain biking instead
2. running instead

Any ideas welcome as I am planning to go long and do some spring classic sportives next year and feel like I will need to put in the base miles during the winter.


  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Try a spin bike maybe? I always find indoor training hurts! For me to train on the TT bike on a turbo I have to tilt the saddle almost to the floor.
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