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Gels for a marathon

Hi all,
I'm running the London marathon next month (my first marathon) and training is going well. I am sorting my nutrition out now pre race and am looking into something during the race too. Should I look to take a gel whilst running and what would you guys recommend. With my tris and half marathons I have never bothered with anything during the event, other than water. Training wise, until now I have just taken water with me and normally run my runs are unfueled first thing in the morning.


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Good news is that if you can do a half on water alone you are good at metabolising fat.

    Personally I couldnt do that, and currently need to take a gel every 25mins if running longer than 90 minutes, and I always carry an emergency gel just in case. I like powerbar or High5 gels, but I'm about to experiment with home made ones.

    Assuming you're long run is currently north of 18 miles without fueling, note that you could possibly be compromising your recovery by doing so.
  • armiearmie Posts: 10
    Does anyone else have some recommendations for using gels and do you find them effective in giving an energy boost
  • I use them but if you haven't trained with em be careful of GI upset.

    What kind of plan have you got whereby you hostage sorted out nutrition a few weeks before your 1st marathon.

    Use them now - I tend to take one every 40 mins.... No idea if it works but ive yet to bonk ( only once when I forgot all my nutrition ad went for a long ride anyway and ended up in a greengrocers dazed and not able to speak)

    High 5 or SiS work for me
  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Also try out Lucozade Sport Orange drink as that's what you get on race day. You want to make sure you can stomach it if you need it on the day.
  • "SIS Go" are my favourites. I think one brand is just as rank as the next in terms of taste, but the GO ones seem to give me the best boost
  • Gels do give you a kick in the marathon. Try some different ones in training and aim to take one every half hour or so but supplment with some other food at feed stations. If you take them just before a feed station you can wash them down with some water. Some marathons offer free gels along the route but becareful as they might not agree with you.
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