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Techincal question

Ok, this is probably going to sound incredibly thick, but I'm still fairly new to this biking lark.

I'm currently putting together a spare wheel for my bike, specifically to swap over on the turbo. I'm currently running a 9 speed 12-25 cassette at the back. The issue I’ve got is that 12-25’s are a struggle to get on ebay. Would I have any issues running a cassette with different size gears at the back? Such as a 12-23 or 11-25.

Thanks in advance.


  • No assuming it is the same make of block it should go straight on and run fine.
  • Cheers, I'll definitely be using another Shimano cassette.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    david, you could try places like bikeradar or ctc forum, they have active classifieds sections and things like cassettes come up on there fairly regularly - picked up a 12-25 last year on bikeradar.
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