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Super Sprint

Hi Everyone

I am doing my first Super Sprint Triathlon in August. When I go to the gym, I do the usual warm up, arm weights etc and 10 min X-trainer.I hop straight onto the cycle for 10km, and then straight onto the tredmill for 2.5km.I then change and go for my 400m swim. 

I am focussing on cutting my times down for each discipline.

I know the distances are minimal compared to other triathlons. But the super sprint is still a real challenge for me.

By completing and working on my times each gym session, is this the best way to train?




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    Oh :-/ ..... Can I ask why not?
  • Your training needs to be specific if you want to reduce your times. You aren't going to see any real improvement if you just complete an 'indoor triathlon' everytime you train.

    You need to focus on each discipline on each workout - so that's a minimum of 3 sessions a week. One for the swim, one for the bike and one for the run. You'll probably want to complete a few brick sessions in the run up to your event too. This is where you'll do a bike session, immediately followed by a run. This is so you get used to having wobbly legs for the first 10 mins or so of your run!

    By working out what you want to acheive from your 1st triathlon (ie just complete it, or challenge Ali Brownlee etc), you can then work out what you need to do to train for it.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!  

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    That is fab, thank you. Being a complete novice, I thought I was doing well by doing the distances in 1:05mins in each gym session. Obviously, do core workout and weights as well.

    I have slight agrophobia (scared of leaving house), panic attacks and depression. So hard for me to train outside.This is a big challenge for me! I have always wanted to do a triathlon. I want to complete it but not miles behind in last place.

    I am sure I will be calling on more help in the future, thanx again .
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    I think what you have been doing has probably put you in good stead aerobically, so you have not been wasting your time!

    Speed comes from interval based workouts, a Google should provide you with more then you will ever need  Most gym equipment can be programmed for intervals. Swim speed comes from technique then hard efforts. I would really recommend swimsmooth.com for swimming advice. Look up their CSS stuff for how to improve speed!

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    Brilliant. Thank you for the little boost. I have looked at that website. Swimming is not an issue for me, I'm a water baby, raised in South Africa. Google is a good friend sometimes so will ask. Thanx
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    I completed my first tri a couple of years ago, and the area where I could have saved time was in transition.

    I seemed to take ages just to get my shoes on and put a t-shirt on (I hadn't invested in a trisuit at that time).
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    I got a trisuit the other day. T1 is where I think I am gonna have a problem coz I can't really practise it unless you lovely people have any tips for that?
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    stand in the shower, run to the garden and put shoes/jersey etc on?

    i've never bothered with t1 bricks, other than practicing the pre-clipped in shoes and elastic bands thing. flying dismounts i can do ok, but not flying mounts - seems like if it goes wrong then you end up with a top-tube to the groin. 

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    Oh I forgot to add.... I'm in Britain!!!!!! So even though it will be summer when I do it, wetsuit is nearly always required, that's the problem for me lol. And no one likes a tub in the groin lol
  • I've just completed my second super sprint and def. echo the above advice to practise your transitions. I lost precious time last week by being unable to find my bike in T1 (the wind had blown my brightly-coloured towel over onto the reverse side) and the toggle pinging off my elasticated laces in T2. If I'd practised with my newly-laced trainers earlier, I could have foreseen that happening! Cleats make a huge difference on the bike leg. Race belt is essential. If you get used to running twice the distance you're expecting to do in the race you'll improve no end. I shaved 2 mins of my run time by doing just that!

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