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I was just reading a thread from a member asking for nutritional tips and was thinking that it would be really helpful to have a recipe section on the website. I find I get really bored with evening meals especially, and it would be great to have a library of healthy, appropriate recipes to dip into when I fancy something different.

Is that a possibility? I do look at the recipes each issue but it would be great to have a library of them here.


  • Hi Fiona,

    If you use the search function on the site and search for 'recipe' you'll find quite a few of them on here. It sounds like we could make them easier to find though, so I'll pass this on to the web team! I'll also look at whether we can add more. Great to hear you like them.

  • FionaSFionaS Posts: 7

    Thanks very much Helen. I just gave that a go and found them. It would definitely help to have them in a more obvious place (in my opinion) as nutrition is an important element in our training

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