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New Fitness App Ideas? – Free Kit for Good Responses

Hi, I am starting to develop a phone app aimed at the fitness market, which will help users to maintain, improve and measure their fitness. It will take data from a wireless heart rate monitor (chest strap), the phone’s GPS sensor and from user input (e.g. weight).

Of course this can already be done (e.g. Runkeeper, CardioTrainer, iFitness) and the app will include all of the features and analysis present in these apps. However, I am also looking to include novel features that are not available elsewhere – which is where you can help!

What I would like to know is the kind of novel features that you would find useful in such an app. Are there things like VO2max and EPOC which could be calculated and which you would find useful? I have access to expertise in signal analysis and machine learning – is there any information that might be extracted from the sensor data which you might find useful, e.g. breathing rate, a measure of the user’s level of fitness (e.g. Conconi test), a measure of when exercise intensity is too high?

Thanks for your time – when (if!) the product comes to market I will send each of you who provides useful feedback with a free sensor/app as an expression of my gratitude.
Thanks very much,

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  • Hi there.

    I recently purchased a Forerunner and the best thing about this piece of kit for me is the infinite adjustment of displayed data. If you are not aware it is possible to have up to 4 different measurements displayed on screen at any time from the entire selection of what the device measures, so effectively a custom display.

    Also the ability to transfere the training session info to a computer would be good, might be a way of using excel rather than designing a new computer prog.

    Assuming that the app might be popular with beginner atletes who might want to progress to stand alone devices, using common(ish) measurements such as time in each HR zone.

    Hope this helps.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Email sent.
  • tom76tom76 Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for the feedback - will keep you updated on progress.
  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 21
    one feature i would find most useful and a feature my other apps lack is that they cannot recognise automaticaly when you are on a saved route and even when you tell the app you have just cycled/ran a route it doesn't use the saved elevation/mileage from your original route.

    This may not be usefull for some people but i like to record my split times and it isnt very precise when the app shows inacurate/different from original stats.

    cheers, james.

    p.s there may be an app with this but i havent found it.
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