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Calf prob , elliptical cross trainer or extra bike


Week 4 into ironman Wales training , have a recurring calf problem ( think its a tear ) , decided to give it total rest from running  until a Olympic tri in mid June . 

Originally was going to replace runs with bikes but after a weegrit was pointed out maybe I'd be doing to much biking so read different running forums and apart from aqua jogging the elliptical cross trainer came a closes second , brilliant i thought .. After doing this for a further week I've had no calf pains although I know it's still there slightly . .....but now another Facebook friend who's also aa tried and tested ironman ( a lot younger than me )said waste of time just consintrate on the bike ...

Now being a weak soul who's only done one tri , one half marathon before I'm stuck what to do ...

The cross trainer is boring but after reading I feel it more beneficial than extra biking .... But hey what do I know 


  • I'm also doing calf raisers , leg curls and reverse curls at the gym and having a sports massage every two weeks 

  • I would utilise the cross trainer more. Paula Radcliffe used it in her training and it didn't do her any harm

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