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7 weeks to ironman.. think I picked up bug after open water swim..been completely wiped out with urinary infection for 5 days now and still feeling weak as a kitten. Missed 2 big rides this weekend and can't see me doing much this week. Have half distance event in 2 weeks..should I still do it steadily? physically and mentally shot thro at the moment..HELP!!


  • Hi Steve,

    Sounds rotten! Key here is to take really good care of yourself. If you're sick you need to put recovery before training and get yourself well again (sorry!).

    Have you seen a doc? If not please do – sounds like you might be needing some antibiotics if it's been dragging on this long?

    I really feel for you here, it's tough when you have an A race approaching and get struck down. I had a similar thing last year with a bout of glandular fever that came out of nowhere!

    Take care, get well, let us know how you get on!

  • Thanks Helen,

    been on antibiotics since Friday and whilst still not feeling great am certainly better than those first few days.

    Good job I'd read my 220 last week whilst I was away, couldn't bear seeing all those fit happy athletes this week.

    First sick day off work for 5 years today so better get a grip..gonna get "the chimp paradox" back out and get my positive head back on!!

    Dangerous thing about a day off sitting down is if I do start to feel better I'll start ordering more gear!!

  • First day off work sick for 5 years?! That's amazing though - you obviously have a cast-iron immune system the rest of the time!

    I'll allow you to order more gear if it cheers you up. Just so long as you keep on resting and don't actually use it until you're better! 

    You'll be amazed how quickly the body can bounce back once the illness is properly out of your system. It might feel like torture now, but you'll soon be back to it.

    Keep smiling!!

  • Did a steady 10k this morning..this is a mental thing. How do these elite guys feel post injury/illness?! Secret is to remain positive..am I a half full or half empty? Depends what mood I'm in I suppose!!  Gonna do a bit this weekend and rather than taper off use next Sunday's as training day..if I make it!! 

  • walkupitwalkupit Posts: 9

    Apologies for hijacking the thread!

    Just spotted Helen mentioned Glandular Fever and I ended up in hospital with it at the end of April.  I was off work for a month and doc has banned me from travelling into work until the end of June so currently working at home.  Just wondered how long it took you to get over it and return to normal training?

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113

    Tough break, but it don't beat yourself up about it, you have a good base of training, if you can get to the start line, be sure you are fit to finish, rather than fit to start.

    Un recovered Glandular Fever, can bring on a Post Viral Infection, and with a depressed immune system, think a very long recovery period. Any exercise, do at a low intensity, so as not to stress the body, you will feel weak, the joints may ache, a simple blood test will show if it is Glandular fever as it should pick up the Ebstein Barr virus, no cure, just rest.

    whilst resting, don't worry, but use the time wisely, look at the race, study the course, mentally prepare, if not physically.

    best of luck.

  • Hi walkupit,

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you (been on holiday!).

    Sorry to hear you've been struck down with the dreaded glandular fever. How are you getting on now? I had a pretty nasty dose of it I'm afraid. I was out of training and off work for about four months and then had to take it pretty steady for a while as I built myself back up again. Like jonE says, the post-viral symptoms can take a while to shift as well.  

    Everyone is different though. My other half caught it off me and was only off for a few weeks then tired for a while. I think I was unlucky!

    The advice that worked best for me was around phasing my activities and return to work. I created a plan that gradually increased my work hours and physical activity until I was back to normal. Sounds mental, but I guess as I'm used to putting together race training plans it worked for me! 

    Take it steady, don't try to push yourself too hard and respect the fact that this is a really nasty bug and you need to let your body recover. Happy to chat to you more if you think I can help: [email protected] 

    Get well soon!

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