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Felt DA4 or B12

I am looking into buying a new TT bike in the summer and I was wondering if anyone has either of these bikes and whether it is worth paying the extra money to get the DA4. I know there is obviously a more advanced group set on the DA4 but does this warrant paying the extra money?

Both are lovely bikes and I think the best you can get on the market for your money. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great. 

Thanks, Dan. 


  • dazzadazza Posts: 4
    Hello mate. I have got a Felt B12 with a Dura Ace groupset and it is a real flying machine. It's very light,fast and stiff. I got mine to race on but I've only ended up doing a few 50 mile rides and a ironman on it. Might be looking to sell it if your interested as I'm getting more into my sportives now so I don't think it will see anymore racing from me unfortunately.
  • dazzadazza Posts: 4
    Sorry mine is a B2 not a B12.
  • What year is the B2, I've seen loads off god reviews on that bike? Have you got any pictures??

  • dazzadazza Posts: 4
    Yes mate. If you tell me your email address I will send you a couple over.
  • dazzadazza Posts: 4
    Sorry I think it is a 2010 model. It's Ferrari red and in immaculate condition as it's hardly done any miles
  • Ok mate, I've private messaged you on here hopefully you can find it. 

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