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IM 70.3 UK - Exmoor

lukeflukef Posts: 6

Did this race last year and having another go at it next week. Can't wait.

Last year was quite muddy and I ran with my mountain bike shoes from the tent to my bike. Mud in the MTB cleats wasn't really a problem. However this year I have proper road bike shoes with speedplay pedals and I am bit worried about running in the mud with the speedplays and being unable to clip in because of all the mud stuck on the shoes. I don't really fancy the option of running bare foot in the mud either and trying to clip in on the uphill out of T1. I am pretty sure I will make a fool of myself and fall over... Anyone has any brilliant idea to manage muddy transitions?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hope it isn't muddy? sorry, not a lot of use...

    if you had tri shoes then i'd suggest leaving them clipped to the bike, but that would leave your feet to get muddy, which while a bit unpleasant isn't a disaster. i'd go for ignorance and just assume it will be all ok on the day! 

    personally, if it was a choice between dry feet/muddy cleats or soggy feet but shoes that will clip in ok then i'd go for the latter. don't worry, this year the weather will be scorching hot so nothing to worry about.

    good luck! 

  • cingram91cingram91 Posts: 2

    The weather says no rain up until race day. 

    I am going for dry feet and hopefully clean cleats

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