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Hi, if I press my a chillies then it is slightly tender, it doesn't hurt when I run but just a bit when I touch it. Should I ret it for a while before it turns into a full blown injury


  • James8011James8011 Posts: 44


    I have a lump on mine-known as scar tissue. (after hitting it with a trolley, pedal slippage a few times )and having collapsed  trainers.

     go and book a appointment with a physio preferably a sports physio.

    have your trainers checked at a proper running shop, be prepared to buy new ones.

    I am not sure what has caused the tendonitus, without trying to scare you, if the tendon snaps it will be a operation. but seeing the physio he/she will give you a list of exercises to do.

    A herbal tablet helps cissus extract/powder it helps to repair damaged tendons and it does work. along with stretching and specific area exercise (PHYSIO)

    hope it gets better soon rest ice 

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