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Talkback: Will Clarke and Eimear Mullan win Ironman 70.3 UK

Devastated - a faulty valve and a long T1 meant I missed the bike cut off by ten lousy minutes. After initial ashamed and defeated feelings I've picked myself up and decided that I was on the start line, I completed both swim and bike courses and though I didn't get a medal I still pushed myself to the limits for almost 6 hours. I'll take that and move onto the next race :)


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    Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168
    Ah that's a shame Rich but good on you for carrying on and finishing the race! What's the next one?
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    What a great event. Fantastic bike course and a brutal run to follow. Not very often the swim is the easy bit
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    Thinking St Neots Olympic distance to squeeze in before the end of the season and maybe Outlaw Half 2015 - its half the price of Exmoor, and half the hills!
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