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Elastic bands and clip in cycle shoes

Hi. Can anybody let me into the secret with using elastic bands to keep clip in cycle shoes vertical in T1

mine keep flipping over   Thanks


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Hi Gaynor, have you got tri shoes with the little loops to the inside of the shoe? Without those you'll struggle to get it to work. You want the shoes horizontal, with the straps wide open so you can slide your feet in once you are going.

    If you have tri shoes with loops then take a thin, light laccy bands. I tend to set up the non-drive side first - using the heel loops to hook a band to the rear quick release/axle.

    The drive side is help in place with a band threaded through the little loop on the side of the shoe and the band attached to the front mech or bottle cage. This is why you want a thin laccy band - they should break easily with the first pedal turn.
  • Some road shoes and MTB shoes have a small loop on the back for the elastic band, if not you could if you want to put a small ring or sow a loop in the  material of the shoe, I wouldn't recommend glues especially on carbon soles.

    Their was a retractable clip system but not sure if it took off or how dangerous/effective it was.

    The elastic band is probably the best method if the band does not snap it retracts to a safe area, but it is finding the right band to hold enough.

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