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Ffwd F6r Front Full carbon tubular wheel

This was bought in mid 2012 (july I think) and only used for the sum total of 1xIM (Outlaw 2013), and 2xOD in good weather. This is a fantastic wheel in really good, newly new condition and has barely any noticeable marking to the braking surface and these are in near new condition having been very well cared for. The wheel has never been crashed or suffered any damage. It is the original colour black with Red and White

The details of the F6R are here: http://www.ffwdwheels.com/products/wheels/road-tubular/f6r/

Looking for £200 for this wheel, will come with skewers, wheel bag, conti tub (sprinter or competition can't remember) which again has only done the milage this wheel has and the FFwd Swisstop yellow brake pads that came with it minor wear from the light usage (after all, who uses brakes in a tri???).

Available for collection in SE London/City only - I'm not going to post it as that is a real fricken ball ache frankly.

Will post pics as soon as I can take some.

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