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The BRAT Brmingham Triathlon

Hi All

I have just moved to the midlands and have been lookin at events. I have seen this one

The BRAT Birmingham Tri

Has anyone done this before. I am new to open water swimming and was wondering does any one know anything about the lake. Will this event be ok for beginers.

Or anythin about the bike course. Not to worried about the run as I am confident on the run.

Please help.


  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    this is the first year doing it so can't comment on what is like as a race but have signed up for the sprint race in May (can't do the OD in Sept as will be on honeymoon). But my fiance lives 2 miles south in kingsbury (I'll be moving up in July before wedding) so I do alot of my training around there. the lake is protected from winds so will be very calm and a fast swim for veterans and easier for novices.

    as for the bike, I haven't been able to find any routes yet so I'm assuming they are still planning it but the entrance to the water ski centre is on a busy bendy single lane road (may be quieter though at that time of the morning on a saturday) so if they get us to turn right they will have to have some kind of traffic control for safety as cars do go fast along it! I'm guessing they will have us turn left towards Tamworth.. if so it is simple undulating riding until you get to Dosthill a mile or so up... but of a nice steady climb then fast descent past parked cars. Problem is you then have crossroads with lights where I would turn left at towards Fazeley. then left at a roundabout passed Drayton Manor. If this is the route you will have a great TT race as its fairly flat along this road. Then there is a left off this road passed the Aston Villa training ground, again very flat and you head past the kingsbury water park on the left (I love this road for my TT). Then up slight 5yard climb to turn left at the roundabout towards Kingsbury along a stretch of very flat straight road nicknamed the mad mile to the locals (well its actually 1.2km if you use GPS!) this again is great for TT. Left at the next round about through Kingsbury, slight undulating roads to the water ski centre. the reason I think this will form the route is because having used it as a run route I know its 18.5km(ish) so very close to the distance. Before the mad mile you can go straight on and have a left hand turn back to kingsbury which I think would be around 21km so that could be the route. Obviously I'm guessing but based on what is on the event page they have said its popular TT routes and not very hilly. They have mentioned using the water park for the bike but I really cant see this as it can't be closed and there are too many speed bumps on the lane through it.
  • Just looked at the site.


    Whats this route like.

    I think there will be a right turn out the park.

    At 7.00 it should be OK. But like you said they must be contacting the right people about this. From my experience I have done some tris on roads that seem busy in the day but are quiet in the mornings.

    The route does look very fast and flat. Cant be a bad thing.

    Please about the swim being calm.
  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    thanks for that

    yeah great route. I use the B4098 all the time on the bike,undualting but if in the right gear can be nice fast climbs as opposed to struggling. The mad mile is on the route near the end by the looks of it, this is a nice fast road and very flat for 1.2km.
  • That's great that you think its a nice route. I cant wait now.

    Do you think a fast time is possible.
  • I've Just registered. I know this area really well and recon that it will be one fast course. PB teritorry I recon.

    Got the missus doing it too, it will be her first open water Tri, does anyone know if there will be a women only or rookie wave? She's a little daunted by the prospect of a mass open water start (That's the best bit if you ask me )
  • Daniel ADaniel A Posts: 6
    Hi I'm relatively new to the sport and as such a little inexperienced when it comes to Open Water swimming (I did one pool based sprint at the end of last season).

    I live in Lichfield so this is probably the closest event for me involving an open water swim.

    Is the water choppy?
    Am I correct in assumming that it will be a wetsuit event?
    Can you recommend anywhere local that I can hire a wetsuit from?
    Also is there anywhere local where I can practice open water swimming?

    Many thanks
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