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Pull Buoy Reliance

Hi there,

I have my first Triathlon on the 20th July - just a sprint.  Although an ex competitive cyclist I let me weight balloon to 23st last July I took this in hand and have now lost 6stone and feel good.  That been said I could not swim a stroke at the turn of the year.  I am now at the position where I have been able to swim up to a mile but with the continual use of a pull buoy - so my question is this I am training in the pool 3 times a week and the other disciplines about a similar amount - eg running 3 times a week and riding 3 times.  My coach in america has a great program for me and has been a source of great advice.  But she is doing an iron man today so no one else to ask about this, 

How do I ditch the over reliance on the pull buoy and will a wet suit give me the buoyancy that I am worried about losing when I lose the pull buoy.

Hope someone can help.




  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425


    Has your coach ever seen you swim (or bike or run)? If not, why not? Your coach is the person to ask for such advice. They should resolve technique as well as conditioning issues. Advice on a forum can be good, bad or indifferent and will almost always be at odds with the overall programme your coach has set.


  • Try swimming in your wetsuit. Although using a pull buoy is good, a good kick is much better and quicker. Only use the buoy once a week and try using a kick board float and swim just using your legs.

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    To Gulliver,

    I started swimming Oct'13 with a pull buoy and used it 95% of the time as I was training for my first ever tri ' The Snowdon Slateman' May 18th 2014(completed in 3:29:59).From March onwards 2014 I got in the Cotswold lakes 12degC (as well as pool training )and after a while managed to swim the desired 1K needed for the event.Open water is much harder than I thought with a wetsuit although you do get the buoyancy,I find my breathing is more rapid but I can get by with minimum kicking,there are mixed views on this but for me I save my legs for the bike/run,hope this helps


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    Well done on your achievements so far with the weight loss and learning to swim but I would be concerned with my choice of coach if after swimming 3 times a week I could only swim with the continual use of a pull buoy.

    I would suggest getting a swim/tri coach to look at your stroke and to give you advise on how to ditch the pull buoy.

    A wetsuit will give you buoyancy but again I would recommend expert advise on choosing a wetsuit suit suitable for your needs,

    Good Luck in your first tri.

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