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Hello all, does anybody have experience of the new fenix, compared to the 910?  My forerunner just bitten the dust after nearly six years service and need to upgrade. Considering either of these. I compete in all tri's, Olympic upto IM and also compete in lots of running out of tri season. anybidy experience of either / both and what would you advise?



  • Monty 1967Monty 1967 Posts: 10

    I just got the 910xt and have used it for a week, really impressed with the Garmin Connect facillity even though it took a while to get used to it!  Swam today and it knew when i was swimming crawl, fly, back, and breast which is impressive! Nice kit but doesnt do HR in the pool!

  • WeeIanWeeIan Posts: 2

    Hi pauloscaz, can't comment on the fenix but I've had the 910xt for 9 months now and it's an excellent watch. Only thing I've come across that it can't do it HR stats in the water.

    In terms of reviews for both watches, best I found online was dc rainmaker - he goes into a LOT of detail. See here: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2014/03/garmin-fenix2-multisport.html


    Any specific queries on the 910xt I can answer just shout.


  • adswakeadswake Posts: 7


    hope you don't mind me asking! as it sounds like you know the 910xt well.

    mine keeps dropping satellites whenever I'm swimming outdoors, so is really ruining my session, it also freezes trying to change back to bike after swimming so i have have to turn it off and back on again sometimes 3 times before it reacts. watch is only 18mths old

    hope you can help.  Adam

  • Had my 910xt for about 5-months now and i love it.  I am a huge gadget/stats fan and it gives me almost everything I could want but as other posts have said, it lacks HR in the pool.

    My only grumble to date however is after a 1,000m swim session the file transfer corrupted and although the information is on the watch, I just can't retrieve it and upload to Garmin Connect.

    It would also nice to have a facility to show the time every now and then, but I suppose at the end of the day it isn't a watch and the long battery life has to come from somewhere.

  • Thanks all for the responses. Went for the fenix, mostly happy with it. Performs well, good in the water (although gps I reckon not quite as good as previous forerunner). I think functionally, the 910 is maybe a bit more functional, and will fit to the bike better. but the fenix can be more readily used as a day to day watch - I can wear itto work when I know I'm going to be training afterwards, which is helpful. 

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