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Dear Forum,


I have just returned from Ironman Austria and used ShipMyTriBike. When I booked I was a little nervous as there were little mentioned on the forums (Good or Bad). I can now happily recommend this excellent and professional service. It is an Irish company that basically picks up bikes and delivers them to your event. The group of lads (and a girl) were fantastic and were really helpful and professional. Basically the people shipping the bikes are 'Strong' Triathletes (One lad did a sub 10 hrs) and looked after our bikes like they were there own. We know as we watched them with all the bikes from our hotel window while they were getting ready for the collection sessions. We dropped off and collected our Bikes from  Bike & Run (East Finchley) which turned out to be a great place to pick up some last minute cool Tri gear. Top Service from both companies SHIPMYTRIBIKE & Bike & Run.


Gerry (Blackheath, London)

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