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Roth 2014

jmcd12jmcd12 Posts: 3

Guys I'm doing my first IM distance event in Roth this coming Sunday. I'm petrified of the run. My calves are killing me as it stands and my soleus muscles are like bands. Is any one out there in as bad a shape as I am??



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    are you well into a nice, relaxing, taper? perhaps with some sports massage to try and slack those calves off?

  • Lee1973Lee1973 Posts: 5

    Relax .... don't do anything for the run up apart from light stretches. You have trained all year... last minute panics will hinder. I finished my first IM in Frankfurt 2 weeks back and went into that witha light dose of man flu. Break it down into the components - enjoy the swim and then think about the bike and only then get to the run. One word of advice - take on plenty of fluids, its hot out here at the moment and although I took on 8 plus litres during the bike, I was seriously dehydrated at the end of the run.... although faired better than many. You can always tuck away a paracetamol or ibuprofen in case you need it. And don't forget the sunbloc.

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