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Hi I wonder if anyone could tell me if its possible for race timing to be messed up?

After doing a Tri at the weekend im a bit confused with the results..I did the event with a female friend the girls started the swim 5 mins behind the guys..she finished the swim before me which i expected and was in transition a few seconds before me..however i left transition before her and completed a very quick bike an run which was what we expected..however when the race results went up theyve got me timed at being 22 minutes slower overall? this just isnt righ is there anything i can do?

PS there shouldnt be any penalties




  • risris Posts: 1,002

    it's possible. what are the other times like from your wave? if you are out by a few mins then others from the same might be, too. 


    The woodbridge 10k this year chip timings were out. And so where a few other races especially leaving transitions.

    but I reckon you got smashed by a girrrrlllll 

    only taking the 

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