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My Tri activity

I use the diary log and thanks for that, but

1. I am not sure if it is my map page but I do not get my location text in the search tool. 

2. I think you can save 6 routes, would it be possible to increase this? I like to have regular routes, but 6 is just a small number. not enough to log my running or ride routes.

3. could we get a brick session added to the training as well?



  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi James, thanks for the feedback, I've spoken to our developers who said the following:

    1. Please can you provide more info? They're not quite sure what you mean
    2. There is no limit on creating/saving routes
    3. Brick sessions now added

    All the best,


  • Hi,

    When I upload a triathlon (or other multisport) activity from my Garmin watch, there is no sport category in your options to classify it except 'other'. It would be good if a Tri-specific site could log "triathlon" as a sports event in the drop down menus (and maybe detect it automatically from the Garmin data?). Could your developers have a crack at that?


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