Home Training for a Triathlon

No pool to train in

Hi , any advice appreciated, I currently work away for  8 weeks at a time, we have no pool to train in and I have a sprint triathlon in September .  I have access to static bikes and treadmills so I'm happy with that and I can also run around our facility. But the main concern for me is no pool. I am currently doing 20 mins on a concept 2 rowing machine followed by the bike then a run to get some training in. Are there any exercises or types of training anyone can suggest to aid my swim as I only get 3 days in a pool before the race .   Thanks Leigh 


  • I used to be away a lot on merchant ships so I had the same problem with lack of swimming. I bought myself a set of resistance bands (all different kinds are available - I had ones like very strong bungee cords by Nike) and I would tie them to the railing of the ship and do hundreds of reps, simulating as much as I could the motions that my arms would do in a swim. It's good for keeping up muscular endurance, and if you have high resistance and do a slow rep it's great for targetingindividual areas. The best thing is the bands pack away in a little pouch so you can take them anywhere.

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