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Ironman world championships Kona

Hi my husband qualified for Kona this weekend. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of travelling with an organised travel packages. Do you recommend any companies? Or any other tips for organising hotel,flight and transport of bike? Thank you


  • Congratulations to him.... amazing achievement!!
    My experience was that packages were very expensive and given I could only take a week off to do the event a package wasn't going to be a huge amount of use. So for what its worth here's how I did it.
    Fly BA to LA then AA to Kona arriving Weds eve. Taxi from the airport to Sheraton Keauhou bay.

    Pro's of Sheraton, there are a number of pros staying there (Crowie, Andy Potts and Julie Dibens to name but a few in our case), great tri buzz around the hotel that week, its secluded and away from the town centre buzz. Cons its away from town centre buzz and takes 25mins on the (free if staying at Sheraton) trolley bus to get into town,  its a great hotel and personally I loved the location.

    glad we didn't have a hire car in the end, met so many new friends and plenty of people to go for a ride/run with but with only two full days before race day by the time you've registered, had photo's with the pro's, swum out to the coffee boat, attended the pre race pasta party, underpants run, racked bikes, got over jet lag, bought new gas cannisters incase of punctures (can't take them on the plane) you have surprisingly little spare time!

    We then flew out on Sunday evening straight after race, unfortunately missing the presentation banquet but we had to get back for the kids. so AA to LA overnight then breakfast and a few hours on the beach in LA before getting BA back to London on Tuesday morning.
    Booked flights and hotels directly ourselves and borrowed a bike box for transporting bike. Followed the organisers schedule of events and for transport it was on foot/bike or the trolley bus plus a few taxis to and from airport.Hope that helps

    Good luck!

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