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Talkback: 220's race tips for this weekend’s London Triathlon

Because Transition is indoors it can play havoc with your GPS devices. If you depend on your GPS for speed or pace information you should knowing how to "flash" the gps setting on and off if very helpful when you are going flat out>


  • butlerpbutlerp Posts: 5
    Looking forward to it and I will be racing in memory of a friend Darren Hale who sadly died after collapsing shortly after the Blithfield Triathlon on Sunday. He lived for triathlon even though he was very new to it and so I know he would want me to compete.
  • Ben ParkBen Park Posts: 2
    Racing on Sunday, first ever triathlon so pretty nervous. Haven't been able to swim for three weeks due to an injury but have been given the all-clear for Sunday. Don't know what to expect with transition but worried i'm not going to be able to find my bike and spend ages wandering around aimlessly.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Ben - don't worry, whilst the transition area is massive its pretty easy to navigate - there is a well marked route and each of the racks has a very large letter on it and wave start times using it.  So all you need to remember is:

    1. What letter you racked in (e.g. A, C or whatever)

    2. Which side of the rack you were (expo side or non-expo side or if you were C where you were the B side of the D side) to ensure you run down the correct aisle; and

    3. How far you were from down the aisle - least important bit really, and I find a coloured towel over the handle bars allows you to a) dry your hands, and b) spot your bike a bit further away.

    Then its just a case of remembering that bike out is "expo side by the water" and run out is "expo side away from the water" or just "by the entrance to transition" (there are also very big signs).

    You should be fine and certainly spend a couple of minutes walking through it if you have any doubts.

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